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Aerial Photo of Moore

Our Story

Leo and Kristen Moore opened Moore Insulation Company, Inc. in 1978 and operated from a makeshift office in their home’s basement. They had a truck and a plan - to provide energy conservation measures by installing quality insulation in homes & buildings in Cheyenne and beyond. Raised in hard-working farming and family-owned small business, they were no strangers to doing whatever it took to get the job done. They put their strong work ethic to the test and grew this "mom and pop" company, adding people who were willing to work as hard as they did and grew even more over the next 20 years. In 1998, Karl Redlich started working with the company as an installer and developed as a leader. Continuing the tradition Leo & Kristen started, Karl began to run the business as Vice President in 2015 and now works alongside this great group of leaders we call the Service Team:

  • Managing Director – Catherine Redlich

  • Team Resources & Training Specialist –  Cate Redlich

  • Business Expansion Manager – Jason Miller

  • Business Expansion Specialist – Landon Huck

  • Fleet Maintenance & Safety Coordinator – Lucas Wilcox


We have an excellent team of Energy Conservation Specialists who receive training in three levels of knowledge & on-the-job experience to ensure we are reducing energy waste through installing quality insulation products. We stay up to date with building codes and know how to get it done Grade I – the highest level of quality recognized by RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) – the standards-making body for building energy efficiency.

We look forward to continuing the legacy Leo & Kristen started over 45 years ago – dependability, quality products & installation at a fair price, and commitment to getting the job done quickly and correctly. Team Moore – One Team – Grade One!

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